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Big Bangs and Prompt Fills

I participated in two different Big Bangs this summer, and both acted as prompt fills for the table. "Of Falling Rain and Beating Hearts" filled the rain spot on the table and was basically wish fulfilment before season two of Agents of SHIELD began. 'Law & Order: MCU' took the Agents of SHIELD characters and put them in a crime drama AU, which is a bit unexpected for me since I don't usually write AUs. They were a lot of work, but so fun.

Big Damn Table

stars understanding arguments/fighting conversation darkness
again warm breathing cold hurt
lost rain unexpected sunshine abrupt
pictures letters hard soft reminder
relaxation dreams hospital in the past in the future
kitchen late night on the run early morning taking charge
coats leadership sharing hiding help
risk blood power Avenger/s nightmares
time control fairness trust do-over
regrets transportation empty washing mission