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Oh, when fandoms collide

I yanked this from ahigheroctave  and I almost didn't do it once I saw the prompts. I tried to pick some of the most random characters from fandoms I could think of, but of course, Lilly and Oliver are on the list just because I've gotten so used to writing them. Amazingly, once I started, the only one I had no idea what to write for was the sixth prompt, although, admittedly, some of them are just... odd.

Instructions: Make a list of ten characters, make the list before you look at the prompts. Then, write a fic in 15 words or less for each prompt.


1. Maria (Roswell)

2. Santana (Glee)

3. Castle (Castle)

4. Gus (Psych)

5. Tess (Roswell)

6. Tina (Glee)

7. Echo (Dollhouse)

8. Oliver (Hannah Montana)

9. Kurt (Glee)

10. Lilly (Hannah Montana)

The prompts are under the cut, of course.


First time: 4 and 6 Gus/Tina

“You said you were 18! I can't go to jail, Tina! I'm no one's bitch.”


Angst: 7 Echo

She tried to be her best, but she knew her best was still missing.


AU: 1 and 8 Maria/Oliver

“Let me get this straight, your boyfriend's a real alien? Can I see his ship?”


Threesome: 3, 6, 9 Castle/Tina/Kurt

This was so going in his next book. Goth chicks and gay guys, who knew?


Hurt/Comfort: 5 and 10 Tess/Lilly

“He chose a human over me.”

“Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.”


Crack: 1 Maria

She was a woman on a mission. Too bad she couldn't remember what it was.

(This wasn't cracky at all. Okay, to be fair, even some of Maria's moments in the show were crack like, so this one gave me tremendous trouble. She was just an insane character. And I love her for it.)


Horror: 10 Lilly

Sometimes she was so angry, she thought Carrie was completely justified with that Prom thing.


Baby Fic: 5 and 9 Tess/Kurt

“Kurt, my son isn't wearing that!”

“Being an alien is no excuse for poor fashion.”


Dark: 2 and 8 Santana/Oliver

He was a guy she could eat for breakfast. And she would. Girlfriend or not.


Romance: 4 and 7 Gus/Echo

“Sometimes I fall asleep and forget.”

“Don't worry, Echo. I'll remember for both of us.”


Death Fic: 2 and 3 Santana/Castle

He needed to write this down. A cheerleader strangled by her own pom-poms? Classic.




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Jan. 30th, 2010 03:35 am (UTC)
XD Someone so would strangle Santana with her own pom-poms. Probably Lilly after she went after her Olliepop.
Jan. 31st, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
I'm toying with the idea of writing a Glee murder mystery now. It's all that prompt's fault. I don't know which of the Gleeks I'd have do the investigating though...
Jan. 31st, 2010 06:08 pm (UTC)
XD I can see Rachel wanting to do a kicky little Sherlock Holmes-esque outfit with the plaid mini-skirt and all. And then Finn could be her Watson, making stupid comments along the way and getting really pissy when they investigated Quinn.
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