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Five for Fanfiction

Since I've been doing so much writing lately, I thought I would pick five things out of my brain about fanfiction that I either love or loathe, and share them with you all.

One: Real People Fic
Loathe. I'm sorry. I know a lot of people like it. But it doesn't belong in the fanfic world. There's something creepy about putting real people, currently living people, into stories you make up in your head. I especially find this creepy when the stories are so sexualized, which seems to happen more often than not. And it's even worse when the stories are written by tweens (no offense to you tweens out there who can write well) who don't have any first hand knowledge of what they're writing about. Find a place to post your Meta stuff where I don't have to see it. Please and thank you.

Two: Lack of Feedback
Loathe. I feel like fanfic has kind of taken a downward turn over the last year or so. Fanfiction used to be about developing writing skills, about spending quality time with good characters, and about helping your fellow writers out. I appreciate criticism as well as compliments. And it's funny to me that the most interesting thing people have to say about stories is either OMG I love it or Ew Crap. Really? That's the most articulate you can get? (And I'm not just referring to my own stuff.) I try to give decent reviews for anything I read, whether its on fanfiction.net or on livejournal. I feel like if someone takes the time to put their words on the screen and let you see them, the least you can do is tell them what you think.

Three: Summary Suckage
Loathe. Argh. I cannot tell you how much it annoys me to see Person A does this and. You know what? I suck at summaries, just read it. Why should I? If you can write a decent story, you should be able to tell someone what said story is about. If you can't even write a few sentences of a summary, why should I believe that your story is going to be any better than your summary? I mean, sure, maybe you do really suck at writing summaries, which is fine. Just try your best and be done with it. There's no reason to tell the world you suck and then demand that they read your stuff anyway. Any time I see that in a summary, I don't read the story. Sorry.

Four: Small Fandoms
Loathe and Love. You know what I love about small fandoms? You notice that if there isn't a huge fan presence for something online, you get to read a lot of stories by the same people. Which is really cool. Because you can get a feel for that person's writing style, which makes it really interesting to read stuff by them. There are certain fanfic writers that will do one story for a fandom or character and then never do anything else for it. I'll probably end up being guilty of that myself from time to time. But, when someone sticks with a particular fandom for a while, it makes the world they create within it all the more interesting. Now, I loathe small fandoms because with less people involved in it, there are less points of view, and thus, less stories. Sometimes, I'll get in the mood to read something about a particular book/movie/show that I've discovered, only to find that there aren't any good fanfics out there. Makes me a little bit sad.

Five: Shipping and Shippers
Love. Even when someone doesn't ship the same as me, I find it fascinating. The entire idea that you can get so caught up in a fandom because you are drawn to a particular character or pairing... amazing. I'll even read things that are outside of my shipping comfort zone every so often just to see what the other writer sees in a particular pairing. Shippers tend to pick up on small things that no one else sees, so it can be neat to see what they see, even if you disagree.

Hmm... it seems like the loathing outweighs the loving, but I enjoy writing fanfiction too much to actually loathe it. I just do more writing than reading for that very reason.



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Mar. 26th, 2011 04:44 pm (UTC)
I try to write good reviews for people's stories, but if I'm just going down an author's list of work and I read like, ten stories, I don't always leave a great review for all of them because half of my reviews are praising their writing skills and ... yeah. The writing doesn't always change a whole lot sometimes.

I can be really bad at summaries as well so I cheat a little and just take something from the actual story that sounds good and throw it into the summary box. Actually, the part that I pick always kind of summarizes the story anyway, but yeah. I still consider it cheating.
Mar. 27th, 2011 03:08 am (UTC)
No, I get what you're saying, and I agree. If you're just going through a writer's stories, and you have a lot of the same thoughts, it can be repetitive to give them the same comments. I get that. I wouldn't expect someone to go through, say 30 stories, and have something in depth to say about all of them. I know I wouldn't either. I just meant more of in a general sense, I feel like fanfic readers as a whole don't give a lot of feedback these days.

I actually love summaries that take from the stories. It might be cheating, but I think it does the job, and it gives you an idea of the story's style. I think I've only done that a couple of times, mainly because I don't put a whole lot of thought into my summaries, but I think it can be interesting to see what part of a story a writer decides to use.
Mar. 26th, 2011 10:08 pm (UTC)
I'm with you on RP fanfics. To me, that's just down right disturbing. It's one thing if it's cracky and not meant to be taken seriously, but a lot of fanatics (I agree it's the tweens that are often guilty of this) tend to go above and beyond writing stories (serious yarns of crap), in-depth "sagas" even, about real, living, breathing actors/singers/socialites/etc with whom they know nothing about beyond the movies/social events, especially when it comes to their personal lives.

Hell, I agree with everything posted here. Word for word.
Mar. 27th, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
And this is why I think you're cool. Haha

No, seriously, what is with the real people stuff? I don't understand the fascination. And really, the stories that have teen stars on like, Nickelodeon or Disney playing musical partners or getting pregnant, I just don't understand. It's weird. If you're interested in someone's personal life, read the gossip magazines. Don't make stuff up.
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