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Have I Mentioned I'm Getting Paid To Write?

I know a lot of people hate online content mills. You don't get your own byline for the articles you write because most of it is filler content for websites that want things written on the cheap. Let me tell you though, if you write quickly like I do, you can make a decent amount of money doing it. I made $250 last week just in writing these short little descriptions for points of interest for a travel website. I'm loving it. It gives me a chance to write something that doesn't require a ton of creative thought. It helps clear my head for more fictional writing. Loving it. So much.

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

I have never actually made it to a comic book store on Free Comic Book Day. I fully intend to go out tomorrow morning and pick up my subscriptions though so I can check out the craziness. The local shop is supposed to have artists in the store doing sketches. I want to see the full on geek party.

Do People Still Make Money For Writing Short Stories?

I have trouble finishing anything novel length. Seriously, this is something I've realized about myself while expanding my fanfiction repertoire lately. I kind of love writing short stories. I always thought that novels would be my thing, but I don't think they are. Are there still writers out there who just do short stories? Because most volumes of short stories nowadays that I've seen are by multiple authors who usually write novels, but are participating in some sort of themed project. I feel like I could make this happen. Somehow.

Should I Participate In A Big Bang Challenge?

I have never done a fanfiction Big Bang before. I really want to challenge myself though. I've been doing all of these 2-4000 word stories lately, and I'd really like to commit myself to doing something longer. With Big Bangs, they're usually a commitment of 10,000 words. There's a Marvel Universe Big Bang on LiveJournal, which would be right in line with my current Agents of SHIELD obsession, and even during the months when the show is off the air here. I'm thinking I might do it. I have two weeks to decide before sign ups close...

That's all for today. Off to do some writing. I know, my Friday nights are so wild, right?


May. 3rd, 2014 02:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah, my local newspaper is kind of... not all that submission friendly. I cannot remember them doing any kind of writing contests for adults ever. They used to run a teen submission contest, but they don't even do that anymore. There are a lot of magazines that accept short story submissions, but there aren't a ton that pay for them. Some do, but for some of them, it's all about the prestige of being featured in their magazine.

I think what I'm worried about with the big bang is that I won't finish. I'm envisioning myself getting three quarters of the way into a story and it suddenly falling apart. I still think I'm going to do it though.