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Happy Birthday to alkmene, whose birthday I missed a few days ago, though I think you use live journal as sporadically as I do now, so you might not even see that.

Long time, no write, eh?

In my defense I've done a heck of a lot of fanfiction writing in the last few months. Seriously, a lot. In fact, I just sent off my first Big Bang story ever to my newly minted Beta last night. Is it strange that it's more nerve wracking sending something to one person for editing than it is just posting it for the entire internet to see if they want to? I'm a little nervous. I don't really get nervous about stuff like that. I'm also excited though. First Big Bang ever. I've definitely enjoyed having the pressure of the deadline, though I changed my mind about what I was writing about five times.

Also,in just a couple of weeks, I should know for sure if I get to transfer to a new store for work or not. Signs from the new store point to yes, but my boss is dragging his feet, which makes me a little anxious. They know that if I don't get to transfer, I'm quitting, so... I feel like I need to have a backup plan just in case. We shall see, I guess.

Now, after this teeny, tiny, little update, I'm off to do some more writing.